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Sounding incredibly familiar to the 1994 fiasco with Olympic Arms (and the OA-93), some manufacture has apparently created a commercially available pistol that fires the 7N6 5.45×39 cartridge, and true to form the ATF has reclassified the steel core ammo as armor piercing. There is no word yet as to who has produced the pistol (or, like in 1994, if any of them have even really been sold yet).

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SurvivalBlog has previously reported on the Jemez Springs Sheriff’s trouble with the TSA (and by association, the DHS) for attending a Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association conference. Now the Sheriff, who received a commendation and a raise, has been fired by the officials in Jemez Springs.

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The absurdity of our justice system knows no bounds. A cancer patient was jailed for late payment on a 5$ dog license renewal in Massachusetts. – H.L.

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For those that can grow it… Bamboo: The Ultimate Homestead Survival Tree – R.F.

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The Government has 30,774,038 employees. What do they do? – B.B.

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