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Although JWR generally dislikes eBay because of their anti-gun policies, he does sell a few items there, on occasion. (The last time was several years ago.) Presently, he has a few scarce gun books and a Steve McQueen TV prop for sale there.

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Continuing the story on the Albuquerque shooting of a homeless man: New Albuquerque Police Shooting Probe Sought – ABC News. It appears that the civilian police oversight panel had demanded an independent investigation as condemnation mounts from across the state. Five outside agencies are currently investigating the incident. It should be noted that there have been more than 36 such incidents (22 fatal) from this police force since 2010. – RBS

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Local Police Being Federalized: Seattle Police Secretly Keep Drones Despite Promise. – B.R.

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Report: Americans commit an average of 3 felonies a day

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S.G. noted a nugget of good news: The FBI has dumped the SPLC as a crime watchdog partner.

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