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Wow! This may be the ticket for advanced medical care in TEOTWAWKI: Super-Cheap Paper Microscope Could Save Millions of Lives – O.C.

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DGJ came across this article on why you might want at least one article of Hi-Vis clothing or equipment in your emergency car kit or BOB. If the ‘event’ you are getting away from is a natural disaster, or something similar, being noticed might be a good thing! Having options other than all-camo could be a wise decision.

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This new item from KRQE in albuquerque follows on the heels of a long running discussion in SurvivalBlog on the balance between LE abuses and oversight. In this case, the video from the officers helmet cam has been released, but it is still tough to call. Mental illness obviously factors in here as well. Homeless man camping on open space land killed by Albuquerque police. – S.M.

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Man Found Guilty Of Electronic Cigarette Law That Does Not Exist. – L.C.

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Why many preppers will die– D.B. Note: This is a link to Selco’s Blog. Strong, offensive language may be present.

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