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From the Police State: Man receives felony after speaking too long at town hall meeting – H.L.

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If you are planning on travelling to Russia, you may want to bring cash: Credit Cards Frozen at Sanctioned Russian Banks – B.R.

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A disease flare up in Africa has an almost 50% fatality rate: 29 dead from viral hemorrhagic fever. – G.P.

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It seems to me we have been here beforeā€¦ Could the U.S. Face a Cruise Missile Threat from the Gulf of Mexico?

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More proof that reading government websites violates your privacy, if you can tolerate reading that far into the article. (You may feel sick to your stomach before you get to the place in the article, which outlines violations of your privacy by visiting government websites, because of the other intrusions into your private life that are outlined.) Big Brother Is Watching You Eat – G.P.

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