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Keeping Your NYC License – P.M.

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While certainly exciting to watch, this video of an example of russian hand gun training is insane. I can’t tell if some of those shots by the shooter are accidental discharges brought on by the stress or intentional warning shots. – R.G.

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This animated gif shows the new headboard I want for my bed. – B.R.

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Mike Williamson (SurvivalBlog Editor At Large) sent in this link showing a list of bulk food co-ops by state.

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Mike also sent in information about a Kansas bill seeking to legalize police retaliation. The chances of this making it through the legislation should be small, but the fact that it was introduced is quite disturbing. If this passes, you could file a complaint, the police could investigate, find no wrong, no outside agency could check them, and you could be charged with felony perjury. This violates at least the First Amendment and, possibly, the Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth, as well as Bills of Attainder.

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