Odds ‘n Sods:


EMP Effects and Cyber Warfare – Part 1– B.H.

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The massive solar blast that almost wreaked havoc on Earth – S.C.

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Tactical Machining (TM) may have helped us understand what happened to EP Armory and Ares Armor. In the Facebook post, TM had a few factual errors, but did indicate some of the issues in dealing with 80% lowers. They are claiming the raids were a result of the manufactures not having a proper determination letter from the ATF stating that the lowers were not firearms. – R.C.

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An excellent article by Mother Earth News on long term storage of cackleberries. Also, some good USDA information for hen owners. – B.

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Nineteen uses for the ultimate survival tool: Duct Tape. – F.J.

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