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An excellent read on birthing and caring for goats: Copper’s Babies & Other Goat Lore

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Making Cop-Worship Mandatory – RBS. While I don’t necessarily agree with the premise that being prostrated by a cop is tantamount to worshiping them, law enforcement is way out-of-control when it comes to overbearing force and intimidation, especially when the person to whom the force is applied has committed neither a crime, nor is the subject of the cop’s warrant/search.

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Doctors asked to help spot terrorists in new ‘inappropriate’ NHS policy – G.G.

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This video clip from “Downfall” (2004) has been dubbed and used for many rants on the Internet, but this must be one of the best I have seen: Hitler’s Rant on Connecticut Gun Registration. – B.R.

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So, when TEOTWAWKI happens, who will they sue? – Passengers on crippled Carnival ship seeking $5,000 a month for life

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