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Whole House Heating From A Single Wood Burner Or Open Fire The old Connecticut farm house I grew up in, had coal furnace in basement, and grills in first floor ceilings under the bedrooms. Dad put in oil furnace, BUT he kept the coal furnace and bin full of coal. Just in case!!!! Kept the DUG well, though he had drilled well put in. He was a prepper before the word was invented. – H.L.

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Canadian Gun Confiscation Begins. Again – J.W.

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L.G. sent this link in: Understanding The Stress response: It Can Buy You Valuable Seconds

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Ancient “Giant Virus” Revived From Siberian Permafrost. What could possibly go wrong here? Don’t we have several popular horror movies based on just such a principle?

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From H.L. – One of the longtime, faithful readers of Backdoor Survival was without power for five days during the recent ice storm in Aiken County, South Carolina. Read the whole story; There are some good ideas in there.

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C.S. sent in this link to photo of Syrians in line for food at a refugee camp. That is a powerful motivator for prepping.

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