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Those sneaky thieves! Apparently the coat hanger trick has moved from the car to the garage door. But you can stop it cold with a simple zip tie: $1 fix could secure your garage from thieves – G.S.

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Once a country no longer values human life, how long till they descend into this? –Red Reign: China’s horrific nonconsensual organ harvesting and religious oppression unveiled

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For Valley citrus growers, this season has 2 natural disasters. News of the severe drought continues to rock the system.

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And the executive orders issued by Obama in January 2013 start taking effect: Bypassing Congress, DOJ to Announce Expansion to Gun Background Checks

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D.C. sent in the link to an animated video on taxation. It is certainly enlightening, especially when you consider that the Boston tea party occurred with taxation in the range of 3% and without representation. Today the highest rates hover around the 50% mark and are still absent representation. You Can Always Leave

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