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10 Stories From The Cold, Hard Streets Of America That Will Break Your Heart – Cheryl N

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Several readers have sent in this video: Hazmat Highway to Hell with High Pressure Gas Cylinders. It’s a great introduction to Hazmat and a reason to pay attention when you drive.

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S.W. sent in this link on How to Open a Can Without Any Tools. While a useful skill to know, there are still areas where it wouldn’t work. I would class this under an urban survival skill. And remember, a P38 easily fits on a keychain.

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SC officer shoots man reaching for cane and notice the quote: “It does appear, at this time, that Deputy Knox’s actions were an appropriate response to what he reasonably believed to be an imminent threat to his life.”

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More information on the Florida woman living “off the Grid”: City caps sewer of woman. It will be important to follow this. Most municipalities do not have a separate billing process for “sewer” services. It is a combined sewer and water bill, under the idea that what you draw out, you will dump back into the system. Of course, the system is slanted towards the municipalities because if you water your lawn, you are still charged for the disposing of that amount of water, even though you didn’t put it back into the system. In this particular case, she has admitted to utilizing the sewer and not paying for it, with an intention of continuing the practice. Any way you look at it, theft of services is just wrong.

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