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Resistance 101: Why You Should Consider Ham Radio For Communications – Cheryl N

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JWR Notes: LA Police Gear, a company that is best known for selling uniforms, boots, and field gear made in Mainland China has partly redeemed itself in my estimation, by expanding their offerings of U.S.-Made gear, in a separate set of web pages. This is essentially a catalog within a catalog. More companies should do likewise.

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Sent in by P.H.: An Anti-Gun Surgeon General is A Bad Prescription

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J.H. sent this in: California Couple Finds Gold Coins Worth $10 Million in Their Backyard. While this is a fantastic windfall for the couple, sadly, it means that someone else cached these coins and then probably died without anyone knowing where the cache was or even if there was a cache. I’m all for caching, but there should be some record for your family.

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In USA Today: Americans rising up against government: Column – G.G.

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