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L.G. sent in a link to The Blaze where the CIA has declassified the original OSS Simple Sabotage manual. You can follow that link through to see the complete (cleaned) manual. Bear in mind it will take you to the CIA servers.

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Those who live where it actually snows in the winter (which lately includes the deep south) may enjoy this video sent in by SDS about Wheel Powered Tracks that will fit on nearly any 4WD.

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Eminent domain threatens yet another family, this time in Colorado. Interestingly enough, it is not being used to create a public works site, but instead is being used to keep the family from using a motor vehicle to reach their property. – Mark

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I generally can’t stand the Huffington Post, but here is an interesting read, sent in by BKE on the flip side of GMOs.

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P.S. sent in the link to this Interactive Census Dotmap. It’s an excellent resource to use when planning your retreat locale. Note: If you just see smudges, rather than dots, try zooming in.

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