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As expected, weapons manufacturers have created a new AR-15 design that is compliant with New York’s “Safe Act”. – RBS

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P.S. sent n an article showing that Ohio National Guard Training Envisions Right-Wing Terrorism. Apparently documents show that a training drill last January envisioned a mock disaster where Second Amendment supporters with anti-government opinions were the domestic terrorists. I understand the desire to vary training requirements, but either these people have no common sense or they are deliberately demonizing the most loyal Patriots.

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JBG sent in this link detailing the slow trickle turned surge of Weapons related companies leaving the states that enact unfriendly laws.

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Another reader sent in this link on how to care/feed your sourdough starter. I haven’t seen that blog before and I kind of enjoyed poking around the site on their other topics as well.

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Taking down a running elk with an AR-7 survival rifle is a dream that often occurs when envisioning survival as a beginner. J.W. sent in this article on the .22LR: Truth & Myth and may just put some of that to rest. Seriously, it’s a great article that accurately portrays the capabilities of that round.

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