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Ninth Circuit Holds California’s Carry License Laws Unconstitutional

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Don’t forget Ready Made Resources with their first 25-42% off Mountain House Food Sale going on right now. They are also offering free shipping and will be giving away a case of Mountain House Pouched Yogurts on orders where more than 10 cases are sold. (A $300 value.)

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J.W. sends us this video showing how to check the state of the battery without a VOM. I’ve tried it with Ray-o-Vac, Energizer and Duracell’s in AA, AAA and C sizes. It does seem to work. It did not work on NiMH though. (Though the video does specifically say Alkaline.)

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RBS sent this article: Cops Break Special Needs Teen’s Arm On School Bus.

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Rick sent in these links to two videos on making homemade bulletproof armor: Part 1, Part 2. Need I remind anyone that there is no such thing as “bullet proof” (only bullet resistant) and that this is serious business?

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This article, found in the Liberty Crier, has Wisconsin school kids snitching on their parents. I have seen this game played in many venues (from school to church) and on many subjects. It is reprehensible in all situations. Authorities taking advantage of a child’s trust has to be one of the worst betrayals they can experience.

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