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Ready Made Resources is starting their first 25-42% off Mountain House Food Sale today. They are also offering prepaid shipping and will be giving away a case of Mountain House Pouched Yogurts on orders where more than 10 cases are sold. (A $300 value.)

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For a limited time, Seed for Security has promised that they will automatically include a Spring Security Collection ($14.99 value) with every $75 purchase.

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We have been following this next piece for several months now. Ex-federal official raises concerns over terror attack on power grid. Apparently, they still can’t make their mind up on whether this was a “terrorist” attack or not. In any event, it wasn’t simply a couple of kids vandalizing the place. It looks like it was a deliberate and well planned attack. What isn’t known, since no one is claiming responsibility for it, is if it is an isolated incident or a dry run on something bigger.

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This is a neat video on how to make a pocket wood stove. Easy to make, effective and a great “coolness” value. – RBS

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G.P. sent in this link regarding Iran’s Exerting Troubling Influence in Latin America. Aside from just the annoyance of the regime exerting influence in our hemisphere, I am troubled by the proximity of these groups to our border.

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