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More reports from the storm last week in the South East: Police: Man stole cars left during Atlanta storm – K.

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M.W. sent this in: backup handcuff key The site also includes this statement “I would advise taking great caution in how you intellectually approach an item like the TIHK. The argument that an inanimate object is bad because bad people can use it to do bad things sounds very familiar. That is not the logic of liberty.”– Good Advice.

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A Self Reliance Expo will be held in Mesquite, Texas, at the Mesquite Convention Center April 4-5, 2014

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EPA ban on wood stoves is freezing out rural America– H.L.

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Last, there is a new product out – XStat™ Dressing. This product is still under investigation and may have a place in your med kit, but it’s important to remember that the standard application rules for blood clotting still apply. They should only be used in situations where a tourniquet cannot be used and direct pressure is ineffective or cannot be consistently applied (or transport time to medical help exceeds 30 minutes.) Anything you put in the wound has to be cleaned out before the wound can be repaired, and you shouldn’t use them until and unless the Emergency Medical Service is unavailable. We should be prepared to administer Austere Medicine if necessary, but it should not be our first choice.

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