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We’ve linked to Rural Revolution before, and now Patrice Lewis has another entry at WND worth reading: The burgeoning underground economy

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This Isn’t Your Average Smash-And-Grab – This One Took Under a Minute, Netted $70K in Stolen Guns and Has the Feds Involved. – K.

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Startup Thinks Its Battery Will Solve Renewable Energy’s Big Flaw – RBS

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While not in the US yet, this may be the future of Big Cities: A ban on autos? Major cities consider going carless

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BR sent in the link to this disturbing article: FBI Appears To Have Collected Tormail’s Entire Email Database… And It’s Using It. . Particularly disturbing is this quote:

“Even if it’s getting a warrant to search, it’s now searching its own database, rather than having to go out to get the information from others who might challenge the requests.”

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BR also sent this video in: Rear Admiral Lee Addresses Restrictive Regulations on Religion I have seen this video before, but it is powerful and moving.

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GP sent in this blog post that contains link to pictures of the Ukraine revolution as it is unfolding.

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