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Reader B.H. sent this news headline, which reads like something out of a novel: Indonesia Moves Warships to Border

For some background in the recent growth of Indonesian military power, see this article from The Jakarta Post: TNI gears up, sets sights on foreign threats

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For those intereted in light weight rifles this one sounds like it has quite a bit of promise.

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G.G. sent this news report in onNew Hampshire Thieves Raiding Woodpiles For Firewood.

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Disturbing news that the US Government may have been colaborating with the Sinaloa drug cartel

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U.S. Army expects to replace a quarter of soldiers with robots by 2040

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B. sent in this link that discusses a geological study about the New Madrid fault that might be of interest to our readers. While many readers don’t live in this area, the area is a rsik to the total US infrastructure.

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