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JWR was doing some research on concealment from FLIRs and active IR emitters on starlight scopes for his upcoming novel Liberators, and found an interesting post at the Urban Evasion web site.

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Mountainview Off Grid Livingsells 5 gallon buckets of Hard White Wheat and Hard White Wheat. HJL Adds: For those not familiar with the Hard White Wheat, it is a product that has the same moisture and protein as the standard Hard Red Wheat but has a milder flavor. We use it almost exclusively, and you can make a loaf of 100% whole wheat bread that tastes really good. You can also use the Hard White for pastries and lighter breads if you grind it finely. My wife’s favorite biscuit recipe, which she makes weekly, uses 2/3 Hard White and 1/3 bread flour.

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B.B. sent this link reminding us that the unprepared are the ones who are hurt the most in crisis.

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A.W. reported this link showing a comparison to the world in 1914 and 2014: Is the world on the brink of war?

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If you’re a criminal, you probably should be careful who you try to steal from. Here are a couple of links sent in by readers about criminals who weren’t: Businessman Andrew Woodhouse cleared of using unreasonable force against fuel burglars, and MMA fighter Jardine stops mail theft.

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B.P. sent this interesting link about a Supreme Court case that could have far reaching implications on the ability of governement to regulate personal gun transfers.

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