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For those wondering how we will keep our baby chicks warm, Cheryl sends in this link showing the incandescent light bulb may live a bit longer.

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T.P. sent in a link about Oven Canning for those who might like to try it.

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For those who love to cook with cast iron cookware, like me, J.K. sent in this line on the Chemistry of Cast Iron Seasoning and also Perfect Popovers.

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Several readers have sent in links showing that Smith & Wesson and Ruger will cease selling in California. HJL Adds: At least in S&W’s case, they will only stop selling those products required to be micro-stamped. Products not requiring the microstamp will still be marketed.

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If you’re going to keep chickens in a restricted area, perhaps a rooster isn’t a good idea. White Settlement woman fights to keep backyard chickens sent in by R.

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