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Roger E. sent: Sea, Shipping Container Cabin, Shelter, Home. (This was mentioned before in SurvivalBlog, but it bears repeating since the page has been updated.)

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We recently heard about some free homeschool curriculum resources, at HomeschoolCollection.com

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A reader forwarded this little jewel: Apparently, there is Massive Non-Compliance on Rifle and Hi-Cap Mag Registration in CT. The Truth About Guns reports.

“How is that there were 50,000 rifles registered versus less than 40,000 LCM’s [large capacity magazines] declared?Second, how do we reconcile 50,000 rifles against an official state analyst group suggesting over 370,000 rifles back in April 2011? And the same report estimated well over 1 million LCMs in CT back in early 2011.”

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ZDnet: CESG, the UK government’s arm that assesses operating systems and software security, has published its findings for End User Device operating systems. It seems that ubuntu is the most secure out-of-the-box. –From RLH

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J.B. sent us this additional video about a couple who built a house out of shipping containers in New York.

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A Reader sent this link in: Scientist exposes flu shot lies and media propaganda. HJL adds: I do not know what the author’s qualifications are to make claims like what are made in this video. However, I wanted to give this to our readers because the video has an excellent explanation of risk assessment. Our society is so “sales and marketing” oriented that we fail to teach proper risk assessment in many, if not most, situations. You can apply this single principle to every aspect of your life. Caveat emptor! (Let the buyer beware!)

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