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Here is yet another great post from preparedness bloggers Frank and Fern: Baby Chicken Wrap Up.

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Reader D.C. suggested a fine essay over at Sipsey Street Irregulars: The Firearms and Ammunition of “Alas, Babylon”

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I’ve heard from several readers about the relatively new Remington Model 770 rifles, as a low-cost alternative to the better-known Model 700. These use 6-groove button-rifled barrels. Model 770 rifles can be found new and factory equipped with a 3-9×40 variable scope for less than $375, or less than $500 in the more weather-resistant stainless steel variant with a camouflage stock.  The scopes are already bore-sighted at the factory.  One of these rifles, along with a few spare 4-round detachable magazines is effectively an “off the shelf” counter-sniper rifle capable of 500+ yard shots on man-sized targets. For caliber commonality and a manageable recoil, most folks will want to buy one chambered in .308 Winchester with a 22-inch barrel. But if you live in elk, moose, or caribou country, or if you desire a very long range countersniper rifle, then experienced shooters might consider buying a second Model 770 chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum, with a 24-inch barrel. That would be a 700+ yard capable rifle, in well-trained hands. (For long range shooting training, I highly recommend Holland’s of Oregon.) – JWR

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Mark J. suggested this video by MainePrepper: Aladdin lamps–an introduction

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For a limited time, Camping Survival is offering a free LifeStraw as a bonus with the purchase of every Katadyn Pocket Water Filter. Just add a lifestraw to your cart before checkout, the discount will be applied automatically.

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Hooray! The filming of Part 3 of the Atlas Shrugged trilogy is scheduled to begin today. It is scheduled for release in mid-September, 2014.

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