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Reader R.B.S. suggested this handy tool for finding cellular phone coverage–or avoiding it: Antenna Search.

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F.J. spotted yet another useful piece at Instructables: Mukluks for Christmas

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Former Mayor Noramine Jasmin will soon go on trial, on corruption charges. Once again, another one of Mayor Bloomberg’s “crime fighting” anti-gun mayors may be headed to The Big House. Meanwhile, we read of another gun-grabbing mayor with an apparent oral fixation: Ex-Marcus Hook mayor sentenced to 10-20 months. Note that with this felony conviction he can no longer own a firearm for the rest of his life. Now those are truly “Illegal Guns” for you to focus on, Mayor Bloomberg!

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Have you ever wondered which size bulldozers of various brands are equivalent in power and size? Here is a chart.

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U.S. Army orders 45,000 MXT135 Equalizer guns from Alliant Tech systems. These new 35mm “smart” grenade launchers are obviously great for force multiplication in foreign wars. But if they were ever turned on the American people, they would be terrifying. Note that the photo shows the earlier 25mm launcher (the XM25.)

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