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Reader James K. kindly sent: Intense Photos Of Mexican Vigilantes Battling A Drug Cartel For City Control. (Warning to dial-up readers: beaucoup bandwidth required.) Note the that in the first few photos, you mainly see vigilantes armed with .22 rifles and shotguns. But then after the cartel stronghold is defeated and the police are disarmed, some of the vigilantes are armed with AKs, ARs, and even an M-203. This adds credence to what I described in my novels. (Namely, the Butter knife Gun concept.) OBTW, you’ve gotta love the very well-worn M1911 pistol seen in last picture. This being Mexico, it is probably a .38 Super. Since it is being carried hammer down, the owner is apparently not expecting immediate trouble. FWIW, I recommend carrying M1911s in Condition One (“cocked and locked”) at all times.

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SurvivalBlog Editor At Large Mike Williamson recommend a piece on the upcoming Olympic games at the Stratfor site: Sochi 2014: A Security Challenge

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Marcus Hook Pennsylvania Mayor James Schiliro (a MAIG member) is scheduled to be sentenced today, following his conviction on a long list of charges including furnishing alcohol to a minor, official oppression, recklessly endangering another person, unlawful restraint, and false imprisonment. In a bizarre drunken incident, the mayor ordered an on-duty city police officer to bring a young man to his house. While his daughter slept upstairs, Schiliro gave the young man several glasses of wine and tried to coerce him into having homosexual relations with him. According to testimony, Schiliro waved several guns around, and shot one of them into a stack of papers. A local newspaper reported: “In all but the official oppression charge, they found a firearm had been used in the commission of the crime and that it was used in a way that threatened the victim.” The mayor later resigned from office. (As is the norm for criminal MAIG members, he resigned only after being convicted.) Like many others before him, Schiliro was quickly and quietly dropped from the roster of Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization. The group now touts itself as “1,000 Strong.” But their tally doesn’t count the 28+ member mayors who have been charged or convicted of various crimes ranging from theft, corruption, and extortion to pedophilic soliciting. Perhaps their new slogan should be: “Mayors with convictions.”

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C.D.V. suggested: Growing fodder for the homestead. “By the end of Day 7, we had a big green mat of fodder, that had more than quadrupled in weight! It weighed in at 4.3 lbs!”

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Busted! A series of video clips aired by Conan O’Brien makes it clear that public relations agencies are sending out more than just press releases these days–they are sending out “news” scripts. Do not trust what you hear in mainstream media newscasts!

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A recent video from Wranglerstar: Crosscut Saw 3.0

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