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Reader Pierre M. sent: Break Up: Will California splinter into six states? Voters, Congress could soon decide. [JWR’s Comments: Looking at the way their proposed state lines are drawn, it would appear that three of the new states would be libertarian/conservative while the other three would be statist/liberal. California’s present two senate seats are currently held by ultra-liberals. They would be succeeded by 12 senators — and presumably that would mean six libertarians/conservatives and six statists/liberals.] While the plan might seem like giving inordinate political power to the populace of what is now the single state of California, this fragmentation would very likely pave the way for the eventual partition of many other states. These might include: Western New York, Northern Arizona, Northern Wisconsin, Northern Minnesota, Northern Michigan, Southern Ohio, Northern Pennsylvania, Northern Colorado, Northern Nevada, Eastern Oregon, and Eastern Washington–most of which are more conservative and freedom-loving than their parent states. All in all, I’d call this a Redoubtable proposal.

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How Many Constitutional Rights Have Americans Lost? (Thanks to Brian H. for the link.)

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T.P. suggested this amazing story: From USA to South America on a 250cc Motorcycle

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R.B.S. spotted this: European Commission To Ban Heirloom Seeds and Criminalize Plants and Seeds Not Registered With Government

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Camping Survival has launched a new Canned Foods section, with very competitive prices.

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