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Ken W. suggested: Proper Field Dressing in Today’s CWD World

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Frequent content contributor F.J. sent this from MIT Technology Review: How Remote Places Can Get Cellular Coverage by Doing It Themselves
With Swedish telephone numbers and a tree-bound base station, a remote Indonesian village runs its own telecommunications company.

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H.L. sent: Rhode Island town voting on recall after gun-permit row

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Construction of secret hiding places. (Thanks to Pete S. for the link.)

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Video: J. McC. mentioned a 1950s Special Forces training film (now on YouTube) which hypothesizes insurgency actions in the U.S. by Green Berets after Communists concentrated in the Yeasty East have caused the country’s balkanization.  Although there are a lot of little details that bother—big hand movements, sub-optimal choker-hold, muzzle-sweeping, the film still offers much of interest, and its host site offers many more similar works.

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