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A reminder that Ready Made Resources is running a pre-Christmas sale on Mountain House foods until tomorrow (December 13, 2013) with 25% to 42% off free shipping, and on request they are willing to mix and match varieties in six-can cases with the varieties that they have on hand.

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Do you have an opinion on the introduction of Canadian timber wolves into the Lower 48 and removing wolves from the Endangered Species Act? Then please give Uncle Sam an earful! (The public comment deadline is December 17th.)

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Bill Buppert: Obama and the Iron Dream: Death Rides a Police Horse

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R.P. sent this YouTube segment: Common Core ELA Social Justice Activism Indoctrination. Avoid Common Core (“CC”)-marked curriculum! It is clearly orchestrated statist, socialist, collectivist brainwashing! This “social justice” mentality pervades even the CC math textbooks.

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Five Body Language Signs That Reveal If A Person Is Dangerous. (Thanks to H.L. for the link.)

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