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Gee, what a concept: Take an under-powered varmint cartridge, and then down-load it to wimpy subsonic velocity. That sounds almost “less than lethal”, to me. In fact, the operative phrase might be: “Hits like a girl.” These wimpy loads will give your 5.56 NATO perhaps just a little more power than the FN 5.7×28 cartridge. My advice: If you truly need a suppressed AR, then get a dedicated .300 Blackout upper receiver group. (See the SurvivalBlog Archives for details.)

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The thin veneer: When policemen go on strike, the looters come out: Looting rife in Argentine city of Cordoba as police take strike action. (Thanks to J.S. for the link.) The more recent footage at a Sancor distribution center shows that grand scale looting is continuing. (Thanks to Jerry E. for the latter link.)

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M.M. and Michael W. were the first of at least a dozen readers who suggested an infographic that was linked over at Zero Hedge: How the NSA is Tracking People Right Now. (OBTW, that makes me feel good about living so deep in the hinterboonies that we are miles from the nearest cellular coverage.)

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Turley: Obama’s “Become The Very Danger The Constitution Was Designed To Avoid”

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H.L. sent: The Three Most Important Ongoing Second Amendment Cases

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