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“The Brit” sent the latest from Nanny State Britannia: Cycling Furiously: Concessions over civil liberties may be needed to create happy relations between cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. Here is a quote …”While I have always opposed mandatory cycle registration and licensing, I think the time is right to require a radio frequency ID chip to be fitted in all bikes used on on city streets so that Highway Code offenders could be identified automatically or by suitably equipped police officers. The scheme could be tied in with mandatory insurance and training. And, yes, an element of road taxation. In time, motorists would come to see cyclists as legitimate road users and behaviour would improve all round. …..” The Brit’s comments: That’s it:  improve politeness of bicycle riders by implanting a monitoring chip, requiring insurance, training and taxing them…why that’s just genius! And look at the commentary: most of the quarrels with the authors proposal are a matter of degree,  just nibble at the edges. Saddening.”

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Tim J. suggested this article: Air hogs: Drones secret weapon in hunt for feral pigs

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Several readers sent an article that might give pause to those considering expatriation: The Global Corruption Index, 2013

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I was doing some web wandering, and I stumbled into a gent selling some quite eye-pleasing CAT-scanned prints of guns: Xrayguns.com

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Chaos After Death of Mandela? (This was penned back in July, but with the recent headlines it may be more relevant than ever. Mandela was no angel (and one of Joe Slovo’s fellow travelers), but his ex-wife “With our necklaces..” Winnie Mandela is like some female demon hound, incarnate. If she should ever gain power or greater influence, then watch out!)

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