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I had a reader write to ask if he should have hard copy topo maps as a backup to his GPS. My reply: “Rather, you should have a GPS as a backup to your hard copy topo maps.” Establish your proven, reliable, and resilient basics first, and only then consider adding gadgets.

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Obama Issues an Executive Order Mandating DOD Officials Legitimize Leftist “Climate Change” Theories as Scientific Fact

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R.B.S. sent: This House Has A Massive Door Going To The Basement. When You See What’s Down There, You’ll Get It.

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F.J. liked this DIY design: Lithium Heavy Duty Solar USB Charger 2.0

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UVPAQLITE has announced a special Christmas offer just for SurvivalBlog readers:  Use the coupon code SURVIVE and get 15% off all non-promotional product offerings and you will also receive a bonus custom SurvivalBlog Logo Glow-in-the-Dark Gear Tag (a $4.95 value.)

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