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Alan H. sent the link to this fascinating piece on the human eye’s natural night vision: The Red Myth.

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Cyber attack in the American Redoubt: Credit Card Machines Shut Down At Some Local Stores Following Cyber Attack Aimed At Stealing Vital Information

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Another one Mikey Bloomberg’s group of “crime fighting” mayors gets busted: Anti-Gun Group Mayor Arrested for DUI, Attacking Clock. These arrests happen with such great regularity that we can only wonder about the sincerity of these statist do-gooders.

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P.M. mentioned that the thought-provoking (albeit slow-paced and at times verging on soap opera melodramatic) 1987 television miniseries Amerika has been posted to YouTube.

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G.G. suggested: 13 Skills Your Grandparents Had That You Don’t

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New Scope Will Add Night Vision to Android or iPhone. (Thanks to B.B. for the link.)

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