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Readers in the Washington, DC region take note: a Survival Medicine 101 Workshop taught by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD (SurvivalBlog’s Medical Editor) has been scheduled for December 6-8, 2013, in Leesburg, Virginia. This three-day class includes suturing, minor surgery, splinting, casting, bioterrorism defense, clinical labs, emergency preparedness, and much more. Don’t miss this rare opportunity, as Dr. Koelker only rarely teaches classes on the East Coast.

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Seattle police deactivate surveillance system after public outrage. (Thanks to G.G. for the link.)

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Just two days left! Safecastle is wrapping up their last Mountain House cans sale of the year, with maximum allowable discounts, free shipping, and some special loyalty reward bonuses for buyers club members. The sale ends on November 20, 2013.

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Chad Z. suggested: Charcoal Remedies.

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File under: Non Sequiturus Maximus: Supporter of Anti-Gun Colorado State Senator Threatens to Kill Recall Supporters… With a Gun

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