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Typhoon Haiyan: Doctors running out of supplies to turn patients away

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Fortune magazine: What I saw at the doomsday prepper convention

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I heard that Augason Farms is running a 40% off sale on 100 varieties of their #10 cans, if you order $50 or more. The sale is limited to stock on hand. Reader John N. explains: “Go to your Shopping Cart (with items in it), scroll to bottom of the page, look for the “What would you like to do next?” question, then select the checkbox that says “Use Coupon Code”, then enter the code 40percent and the discount will appear.” The sale ends today (November 17, 2013.)

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H.L. sent this encouraging news: Colorado a Microcosm for American Politics

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Reader Stephen F. mentioned a fairly inexpensive bicycle cargo trailer that can be quickly converted to a hand-pulled trailer. This could prove quite useful, for bugout purposes, or for hauling home water from creeks or ponds.

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The latest from Dimitry Orlov: Collapsing Consciously

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