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I prefer using 20-round magazines in ARs, so that I can get in a comfortable low prone shooting position. (Prone shooting is the most accurate and also the least likely to get yourself killed, because you present a small silhouette to your opponents. But when prone, I’ve never liked the sensation of going “high center” on a long magazine. Not only is it distracting, but it also detracts from accurate shooting.) In my opinion, 30 and 40 rounders are only apropos for sustained firing when shooting from behind cover, such as from a sandbagged position or from inside a masonry building. For those who want long magazines, MagPul recently introduced a 40 round magazine. They retail for less than $20 each. They reportedly function just as well as MagPul’s 20 and 30 round PMAGs, which needless to say are almost universally lauded. I checked with MagPul and they told me that they only plan to make the 40 rounders in black, but these can of course be spray-painted with some flat green or brown paint, to match your rifle’s camouflage. One strong caveat: If you buy any 40 rounders, then buy only PMAGs or some of the very scarce Sterling of England 40 rounders. (Most of the other 40 rounders on the market are unreliable aftermarket junk!)

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DIY Hacks & How To’s: Laser Tripwire Alarm. (Thanks to R.L.H. for the link.)

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Michael Z. Williamson (SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large) liked this piece: A Former Cop Explains How To Avoid Getting Arrested

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Also by way of Mad Mike (and also mentioned by Tam at View From The Porch): 21 AR Grips compared

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Currently available free at Amazon, the Kindle book: Fish & Game Cookbook, by Bonnie Scott. It has more than 150 recipes.

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