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An Incredible 26 Piece Altoids Survival Kit

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This may be a landmark Supreme Court decision: Bond v. United States. [JWR Adds: Don’t miss reading the amicus brief from the American Center for Law and Justice. An aside: Just when, exactly, did the Supreme Court become the Supreme Courtesans, and when was there first any doubt of a slam dunk decision, in a case like this? Before or after Mrs. Sonia Sotomayor came on board?)

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Jay B. sent: Exploding windmill — What happens when there’s too much wind even for a windmill

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Inverse relationship: U.N. Maps Show U.S. High in Gun Ownership, Low in Homicides

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M.O.B. mentioned another case of sheeple following their GPS: Wisconsin couple ‘happy to be alive’ after Yellowstone rescue

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New York City crooks now export their scummy criminal behavior to rural Pennsylvania: Three N.Y. men arrested in alleged abduction in Pottsville. The men are examples of who we can expect to come along with the Golden Horde!

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