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Sometimes, the “crude, but effective” approach will work: How to open a can without a can opener

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Diana V. pointed out this important article: In United States v. Bond, The Supreme Court Could Be Ruling On The Safety Of All American Rights

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Does this look familiar? “Strawberry” sent us a video link, showing a couple of carags casting off. (You can skip the first minute or so.) A carag is of course featured in my most recent novel, and shown on the cover. Note that gas engine carags tend to be much more noisy than the diesels.

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Steve C. flagged this news item: Mosquitoes known to carry dengue, yellow fever seen in California. Steve notes: “If the Aedes aegypti mosquito becomes established it is expected to become a major nuisance, but in a collapse scenario without [mosquito abatement and] proper medical care it could be deadly serious business.”

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I noticed that we are approaching the milestone of 60 million unique visits. Please keep spreading the word about SurvivalBlog. Thanks!

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R.B.S. sent us a Nanny State Britannia update: Jam will be reduced to ‘coloured mud’ under plans to cut sugar levels which spell the ‘end of the British breakfast as we know it.’

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