Odds ‘n Sods:


An interesting piece over at the Pantry Paratus blog: Wintertime Harvest: Food Preservation in the “Off” Season

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Over at Dollar Vigilante, a Canadian’s essay on the implications of voting with one’s feet: The Unbearable Lightness of Leaving. (She is moving to Galt’s Gulch Chile.)

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Reader “1F” mentioned a new needful countermeasure: New Product Lets Sportsmen Know When Drones Are Near

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J.B.G. suggested this piece over at Glenn Beck’s site: Are Americans waking up to the encroaching tyranny of the surveillance state?

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Owners of FN-FAL rifles (and FAL clones, Kel-Tec RFBs, Rock River LAR-8s, etc.) will find this of interest: FAL Magazine Loaders for $1 Each.

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The Next Shot Heard ‘Round the World’ Will Be in Northern California. (Thanks to James C. for the link.)

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