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While supplies last, APEX Gun Parts in Colorado is a having a $44 special on Polish surplus 26.5mm flare pistols. Note that these are inexpensive enough to consider using 2 or 3 of them around your retreat (post-TEOTWAWKI), as trip-wire actuated intrusion detection signal devices. Take note of the notch in the trigger, which makes them well-suited for rigging a trip wire. A mousetrap should provide sufficient force for the trigger pull. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just use power screws to attach the flare gun and mouse trap to a scrap of 2×4, lag screw the contraption to a fence post, and then spray paint the whole works in a flat earth-tone color, to blend in.) Need some flares? I usually source the very reliable Czech surplus meteor and parachute flares from KeepShooting.com. Warning: DO NOT set up a booby trap with lethal ammo! That is illegal in most jurisdictions, and could open you up to both criminal prosecution and a multimillion dollar civil lawsuit. OBTW, APEX concurrently has an $83 special on Merprolight brand tritium night sights for most HKs (Model 91/93/94 and clones thereof.)

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Pentagon’s top three threats in the ‘deep future’

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Pirates Singled Out Americans in Ship Attack Off Nigeria, Official Says

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Texas State Troopers Illegally Came And Took It

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A reminder: The next Life Changes. Be Ready! Preparedness and Gun Expo will be held in in Lakeland, Florida on November 2 & 3, 2013

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