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David T. mentioned: Ford Fires Up Natural Gas Powered Pickups. Here in the States, these will undoubtedly be sold as fleet vehicles for utilities, at least at first. But eventually they will hit the secondary market. Fuel flexibility may prove to be crucial for preparedness. There is value in diversity. If you can have at least one gasoline/E85 vehicle, one diesel vehicle, one propane vehicle, and one natural gas vehicle at the retreat for your extended family, then your chances are much greater to keep rolling. In Argentina 15% of all vehicles now run on GNC. It is also popular in Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru. The ultimate would be to own a property with your own natural gas well, and to have your own compact condensing compressor. Perhaps that is just Mitty-esque dreaming… (I can hear the compressor: “Pocketa-pocketa-pocketa…”)

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Reader F.G. sent this charming news: TSA is now checking your employer, tax data, car registration, property records….

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Courtesy of Pat W.: Yelm couple in critical condition after homemade alt-fuel van explodes. They apparently missed a key safety tip: The gasifier needs to be mounted outside of the vehicle!

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Sea Change?: Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic ties with US over response to conflict in Syria . (Thanks to “Longshot” for the link.)

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Pierre M. and Diana V. both sent this: Ahoy, mateys! US to stop printing nautical charts. Diana’s comments: “I think this is just the start. I have been saying total dependence is dumbing down our population. I recently told friends that maps will soon be a thing of the past. Road signs too eventually I think at least. People have to become enlightened and keep maps books and math skills to be able to truly have knowledge.”

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