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Reader Arthur S. sent the link to an interesting “clock” showing worldwide births and deaths, in real time.

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Randy F. wrote to note: “As if made by the TEOTWAWKI crowd,  National Geographic is going to premiere the [docudrama] movie Blackout on October 27, 2013. It is about the effects of a total grid failure blackout in America after a cyber attack.  They follow the travails on a young family expecting a second child any minute, a yuppie couple in NYC, a group of college students stuck in their dorm, a prepper family of four, a teenage Vlogger. It should be illustrative.”

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Blogger Eric Falkenstein (of Finding Alpha and The Missing Risk fame) has posted his swan song: My Last Regular Blog Post

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Chris Carrington misses the point, in his essay: Why I Won’t Be Charitable When The SHTF. The point is: We can be charitable and maintain good OPSEC if we dispense charity through intermediaries, such as through our local church elders. That way, your name and your locale will never get mentioned. OBTW, the next day, Chris also posted this: Will I Be Called A Looter, A Forager, A Scavenger Or Just A Common Thief? Here, he talks about taking “abandoned” houses. As I’ve written before, doing that would only be morally conscionable in the event of massive depopulation. In all other instances, someone (or their heirs) would still have title to that property. And taking it would be theft. I think that Carrington and I are close to diametric opposition. I stand by my positions.

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It certainly didn’t take long for someone to pirate my recent Social Media Glossary post, strip it of all attribution, and re-post it.

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