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There are some tasks here at the Rawles Ranch that are mundane but remarkably satisfying. For me, one of these is burning tree limb slash piles, which I do nearly every fall and spring. I usually try to position the piles over buried stumps, in the hope of burning up a stump in the process. But accomplishing that usually requires adding more wood and days of subsequent fire tending. (Depending on the size of the stump.) I’ve found that this process is a great excuse to burn up a few pieces of bucked firewood that have such thoroughly twisted grain and that are so full of knots that I would dread splitting them. (We do all of our splitting by hand.) And after two to four days of continual burning, it is gratifying to see the stump burned down to below ground level. Our work around the ranch is never done, but is is good to see a stump consumed to ashes. Finem respice.

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Jerry Miculek: S&W Model 29/629 .44 Magnum review & speed shooting

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File Under Global Warming: South Dakota ranchers reel after ‘catastrophic’ storm leaves up to 100,000 cattle dead. (Thanks to Tim J. for the link.)

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I heard that the Second Edition of Suburban Survival is is now available. Good reading.

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Darwin Awards Candidates? Two Suspected Burglars Killed When Blow Torch Ignites Fireworks In Safe. (Thanks to F.J. for the link.)

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