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Reader Jan S. forwarded novelist Matt Bracken’s mention of a upcoming fit of generosity: “‘I’m going to put each of my Enemies trilogy novels into the Amazon Kindle free download deal, starting with Enemies Foreign And Domestic next Monday, October 14. Then Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista on Monday the 21st, and Foreign Enemies And Traitors on October 28th.” For anyone who has not yet read Matt’s novels, I highly recommend them! Jan S. notes: “You can download the Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac free to your computer, even if you don’t have a Kindle reader.” Mark your calendars, folks! And be sure to order Matt’s other books. As I’ve mentioned before, his latest novel Castigo Cay is excellent!

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Reader H.L. sent a a link to a news article with some important lessons: The Guys Who Grabbed Six Semiautomatic Rifles From a Competitive Shooter’s Home May Not Have Expected a Security Camera That Does This. [JWR’s Comments: Security cameras are great. Webcams that stream to your own remote server are even better. (If you don’t have your own server, then I recommend the bundled day/night camera systems packaged by Lorex Technology.) Storing guns in racks or glass cabinets at an unattended home is foolish. Gun vaults are a must and concealed gun vaults provide better protection. I recommend the combination of concealed vaults and web cams.]

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Pitiful situational awareness: San Francisco rail commuters on phones didn’t notice gun before killing, police say.

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The Big Man returns to The Big House: Kwame Kilpatrick (one of Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s gun-grabbing mayors) has been given a 28 year sentence for extortion and other corruption charges. If he were to serve his full term (which is unlikely, with “good behavior” guidelines,) he would be 71 years old when his “term in office” ends in 2041. Although he is not eligible for parole, he will probably be out of prison in just 23 years, in 2036. At age 66, he could still pull a Buddy Cianci or Sheila Dixon maneuver, and start a new career in politics.

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Speaking of Mikey Bloomberg: New lawsuit seeks communications between Bloomberg, MAIG, and Joe Biden. “We have good reason to suspect that New York taxpayers have been forced to foot the bill for Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun group.”

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Pierre M. sent: Soon, Drones May Be Able to Make Lethal Decisions on Their Own.

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