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Fires prompt recall of 15 million surge protectors. (Thanks to H.L. for the link.)

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The NPR affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina reports on The Rise Of ‘Prepper’ Culture, in a 51-minute roundtable discussion. They spend some time semantically hairsplitting between the terms “prepper” and “survivalist.” But based on their definition, many of the “Doomsday Preppers” featured on the National Geographic show of the same name would actually be survivalists.

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Seeing “art” like this tripe makes me feel ill. What would be more appropriate would be a sculpture made out of the tens of thousands of those idiotic cable locks that are now sold packaged with most new guns in the United States.

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Cheryl N. sent: Training Al-Qaeda To Be More Efficient Killers Is Now An Essential Function Of The US Government

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As part of the publicity blitz for Expatriates, I was recently interviewed by the folks at The Prepper Recon Podcast. (Wherein we discuss much more than just the novel.)

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Reminder: Until October 15th, the SurvivalBlog 2005-2012 Archive DVD is sale priced at just $11.99.

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