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Michael Z. Williamson (SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large) suggested this: The Truth About Barrel Length, Muzzle Velocity and Accuracy

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Reader B.B. sent this headline from one of those Miscellaneous Eastern Nanny States: Massachusetts Police Chief Confiscates Man’s Guns and FOID Due to “Immaturity”

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I was recently interviewed by Alan Colmes. He is obviously dubious about individual preparedness, but it was a pleasure to be on his show. Alan mentioned that even after Superstorm Sandy he would feel safer living in mid-town Manhattan that he would be in a place like The Rawles Ranch. To each his own, I suppose…

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Police powers to be enacted October 15 in Australia. [JWR’s Comment: If this law is misused, it his has some Camera Stellata potential. Here in the States, the right to remain silent is sacrosanct. Not so in some other countries.)

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Florida city orders residents to remove ‘God Bless America’ signs

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