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Pierre M. sent: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to Coptic Christians: Convert to Islam, or pay ‘jizya’ tax

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Joanna H. recommended this web page: How to Make a Rabbit Skin Blanket

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The first Seattle Sustainable Preparedness Expo is scheduled for September 29th, 2013.

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Boy Scout alternative, Trail Life USA, launches ‘premier’ Christian group for boys. (Thanks to RBS for the link.)

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SurvivalPrepStore, a new Kansas City area survival store (with a nationwide mailorder customer base) is by offering an All American Deal in remembrance of 9/11.  They are offering sales prices on two America-made products with a special Silver Dollar bonus:
1.       The All American Sun Oven (The 2013 version) at their previous 2010 price of $279.99.  This includes free shipping.
2.       Or purchase the Talia Filter System 4.5 gallons at $237+ Shipping. 
Bonus offer: Any orders of these two items placed through September 18th will receive a One Dollar Silver Coin.
Note: The Talia Filter system is made by an Ohio-based company.  The owner uses these systems for overseas missions in places like Africa.  It is a Christian organization.  Their systems are comparable to Berkey water systems.  They have 440 Stainless steel containers, carbon-ceramic filters impregnated in silver solution and the filters are stainless-steel threaded instead of plastic, making them more reliable and durable. Be sure to use this promotional discount code, at checkout: rawles.

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