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Reader Nick R. mentioned that the price of .308 ball ammo is now back below $700 per thousand. (It was at least $1 per round, in January.) Is the ammo drought finally ending? Even .22 LR is coming back down in price. (For a while there, I thought that Walton Creel would have to give up his life as an artist.)

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My friend Terry H. mentioned another pistol recall. This time it is the S&W M&P Shield.

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The American Redoubt may be growing: State of Jefferson: Board votes for separation

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G.G. flagged this: Tables turned on armed robber who tried to hold up an Iraq war veteran: Thief stares down the barrel of quick thinking victim’s gun after trying to steal from a store

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Warning: D.C. cops under orders to arrest tourists with empty bullet casings. (Thanks to B.B. for the link.)

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