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F.J. suggested: Make a Reaping Hook

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Reader Joe S. found a great resource for anyone with an interested in First Generation Cummins 5.9 Liter Six-Cylinder Diesels: 1989 – 1991 Ram Diesel Engine Specs

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Attention southpaws: I heard that Autrey’s Armory has announced a special for SurvivalBlog readers on Rock River Operator carbines in left hand configuration. They have
8 of these available. Full retail on these is $1,360, but Autrey’s sells these for $1,175.99. But if you send an e-mail and mention that you saw them mentioned in SurvivalBlog, they will knock off a further $100.) They have four flat tops and four Dominator mounts, for EoTech additions.

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M.E.R. sent us this: Texas Official Preparing for Independence

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OFA anti-gun protest in Springfield flops. Ten show up.

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