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R.H. kindly sent us the full scoop on Maryland’s new ban on semi-auto rifles and standard capacity magazines that goes into effect in one month (October 1, 2013.) Vote with your feet, if you can. But if you can’t, then stock up, soon!

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Common Household Items that Add Hundreds of Dollars to Energy Bills. [JWR’s Comment: Don’t overlook the umpteen power cubes (AC to DC transformers) throughout your house. By simply plugging them in to a $5 power strip you can turn off those “wall warts” with the flick of a switch when they aren’t in use. I also highly recommend buying a Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor, so you can budget and reduce your power consumption. This will be crucial as you transition to alternative power systems in the coming years.]

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R.B.S. suggested watching a documentary on the demographics of Islam.

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Rick H. in Ohio recommended this book review: “Evil Invades Sanctuary: The Case for Security in Faith-Based Organizations”

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The “misguided” circuit court judge’s injunction against open carry in Mississippi has been vacated by the state’s Supreme Court. (Thanks to Papa in Mississippi for the link.)

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