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What if they had a protest, and nobody came? Richmond rally supports more checks for gun purchases. You’ll find buried in the third paragraph: “Speaking to a sparse crowd — perhaps 15 local supporters…” Fifteen? Gosh, even the gay boy-baiting NAMBLA group gathers more people than that. So my questions are: Who wrote that headline, and who was the editor that approved it? And since when does 15 souls constitute a “rally”? Their draw was closer to the scale of a Kaffeeklatsch. The turnout was pretty pathetic, when you consider the $12 million+ that Mayor Bloomberg has spent on just his group’s latest background check ad campaign (including $100,000 for one Superbowl ad) and the $200,000 per year he spends for his stable of public relations spinmeisters. Talk about a poor return on investment (ROI)… It is had to believe that Bloomberg is famous for brilliant financial analysis and reporting. His ROI stinks.

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Colorado secession drive mirrors national politics. And meanwhile: Colorado Citizens Seek to Nullify Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws

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I heard about the The Southern Preppers and Green Living Expo, September 7&8, in Oxford, Alabama. Admission is free.

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I noticed that Camping Survival has added a full line of very reasonably priced fish antibiotics to their online catalog. (They sell the whole works: Penicillin, Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Ciprofloxacin, and Cephalexin!) No prescription is required, so stock up.

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There are several simple and very inexpensive expedients for Faraday shielding your cellular phone (such as simply alternating wrappings of plastic bags and heavy duty aluminum foil. But these new purpose-built bags are more convenient: Signal Armor.

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