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Another big solar coronal mass ejection (CME) occurred on August 20th. Luckily, this one was not pointed directly toward Earth. Next time, we may not be so lucky. (It could be like the 1859 solar storm.) Are you ready to hunker down for months or years without grid power? Get ready, folks!

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Raising Mealworms for Chicken Food

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Glock 17 and Glock 19 owners, take note: If you are looking for pouches that will fit 33 round Glock magazines, SurvivalBlog reader Jeff S. recommends using the 1980s/1990s vintage (ALICE era) flashlight holder pouches that were commercially made to fit the traditional military angle head flashlights. Jeff says that these pouches will hold a pair of 33 round Glock magazines quite nicely. These flashlight pouches can be found in both Olive Drab and Woodland camouflage pattern at many military surplus stores. They come with ALICE clips, but can be easily adapted to newer MOLLE gear, either by home-improvised modifications, or the factory-made “ALICE to MOLLE” adapters.

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Michael Z. Williamson (SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large) recommended this: Do Not Link allows you to ethically criticize bad content

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Mike M. sent some us news from Nanny State North: Apparently folks in Nova Scotia must now word their e-mails and text message very carefully, under an Orwellian new law. (Thanks to M.S. for the news tip.)

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After a brief outage caused by a technical glitch, Ready Made Resources reports that their web site is now back on line.

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